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The Protector

DVD & BLU-RAY: 01.07.2014

MURPH:  The Protector will be available on DVD and Blu-ray in retail stores across the country on January 7th, 2014.




  1. Will we be able to pre-order??

    • The red pre-order button is on the main page.

  2. How can it be purchased?

  3. Looking very much forward to it! Right around the same time Lone Survivor will be released (into theaters)! Two of my most-anticipated films ever!

  4. This country and her citizens are in desperate need of stories like this. Stories about real hero’s who are quietly go about doing the great tasks that are asked of them, without need for recognition and big fat paychecks. Thank you will never be enough, but thank you Lt. Murphy and every soldier who has, is or will serve this great nation.

  5. I’m looking for ordering information

    • There’s a red pre-order on the main page. DVDs, Blu-rays and digital files will be available at retail locations on January 7th, 2014.

  6. i went to the homepage and did not find the red pre order button

    • The main page of this site has a picture of the DVD case. Under it is a large red button that says ‘Pre-Order Now.”

  7. What is the movie rated

    • The rating is PG, and the graphic is on the site’s front page, under the trailer.

  8. Can’t wait for this to be released! I have been wanting to see this film since I first heard about it earlier this year. The closest theater playing this documentary was over 300 miles away, so going to see it wasn’t an option.
    Much love and respect for everything Mikey did. Michael Patrick Murphy is the definition of a hero and warrior.

  9. I will buy this movie for the fact This man was a hero! The one who looked out for others. Just finished book only time I’ve ever cried was when my Father passed away! Lt. Murphy is a true American Hero! God bless him and his Family.

  10. Can’t hardly wait to see both movies. I have pre ordered Murph;The Protector and am going to see The Lone Survivor, I know Michiel Murphy was a true hero but so were the other three men that was with him. He was a great leader and did what a leader would do for his men. These were great 4 heros that we all should pay tribute to.

  11. As an ex UK Miltary person who served 1990-1996, I am in Awe of Michael,I have read tons of information and read about his early life and training etc, I have worked with special forces..I really want to see this and hope I can buy and download from the UK. A true hero, thank you for your service not just to the US but to her allies too. Thank you for inspiring so many. Thank you for giving the utmost sacrifice….RIP Michael

  12. I had read and heard about Matt previously in other books. So when we saw the movie right at the front door of Wal-Mart last night I grabbed a copy without hesitation. It brought the family to tears. Show this to your kids so that they will know the kind of people that they should emulate. Maybe some of our “leaders” and others that are always in our faces should see this as well. Matt Murphy, a humble man that will forever be in our memories. Semper Fi to all of the members of Op. Red Wings

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