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The Protector

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Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack


From Director Scott Mactavish:

“The music was composed and recorded by two veterans – former Navy SEAL Chris Irwin and former Navy helicopter pilot Jeff Widenhofer – as well as Craig Palmer, who was a close college friend of Michael Murphy.  They put in a ton of work over the course of 18 months and none of them ever asked for one penny in return.  We hope you will support their efforts as musicians by downloading some of the music.  Help them reach a million downloads!  The entire soundtrack is available on iTunes and other digital download platforms.  We believe strongly in supporting vets and we hope you do as well.”


Jeff and Chris play live at the Fox & Friends Studios, NYC.

Jeff and Chris play live. Fox & Friends Studios, NYC.



You can learn more about the musicians here:

Jeff Widenhofer

 Chris Irwin

Craig Palmer

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