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The Protector

To our IndieGoGo supporters…


I’m writing to update you on the distribution of MURPH and the delivery of your perk packages.

As you know, Mactavish Pictures is a small veteran-owned company that I founded with my life savings and children’s college funds to tell stories of honor, courage and commitment.  I work outside of Hollywood for obvious reasons, and therefore have limited access to the big studios and distributors, and more importantly, their money.

When we embarked on MURPH: The Protector, our hopes were to sell a few thousand copies of the DVD and make our money back while telling the story of a real American hero.  Several times during the production phase, I had to sell camera equipment in order to keep my lights on.  And that’s why we launched the IndieGoGo campaign.

When we set the campaign dates, we did so assuming no one in Hollywood would care about the film, and the DVDs would be available in early 2013.  However, the film has proven to be extremely popular and several large Hollywood companies have made offers to distribute it globally, far exceeding our expectations and dreams.  We recently signed a deal with a major distributor, and they now make the decisions on when the DVD will be released.

Of most importance, the distributors require the film to be held until they can distribute it to the retailers.  There are many criminals out there that would love to make illegal copies of the DVD and sell them on the black market, or upload the film to pirate video sites in Europe.  Even if we had copies of the DVD to send out (and we don’t) we would be prohibited from doing so by our partners.

With that said, the film will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, iTunes, Amazon and other platforms on January 7th, 2014, and we will be sending perks as close to that date as possible.

I’m extremely grateful for your support, and fully understand you’ve waited a long time to receive your perks. As the director of the film, I want the world to actually see it, so the wait has been tough for my team and me as well. If you’d rather not wait for the perk package, I will be happy to refund your contribution right away. Please contact us directly and we will process it ASAP.

Finally, we’ve had a few folks write in asking for updates. Through this entire process, we’ve been updating our IndieGoGo supporters by email every few weeks, or when information is made available to us.   If your email address has changed, please send the new one to us so that no updates are missed.

Thanks again for your support.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Scott Mactavish


  1. I think waiting forever would still be worth it. I really hope you get 0 requests for money back. I saw the film in theaters and it is well worth the wait.

    Thank you and I appreciate the updates and the making of the film. This will be right in sync with the release of the movie Lone Survivor which will hopefully boost sales as well.

  2. The best things in life are worth waiting for.

  3. Scott,
    It has always been about the memory of Lt. Murphy and the hard work that you have done on this fantastic film. As a Navy veteran, Thank You. If the “perks” were twenty years out it would not make a difference. I wish I could have supported the project more. Thanks you again my friend. Job Well Done.
    Michael Clarke

    • Good lord no way do I want any $ back as this was a civilian small token to repay not only Lt. Murphy’s heroics, but to honor every single SEAL and veteran who stands out front of me and my family to keep the wolf at bay… This was NOT to receive a perk in any way… It was made to tell his story through you and your efforts. I cannot wait to see the film and know I had a very small part in making it happen… Well done to ALL of you for your efforts and sacrifices!!
      With Deep Respect,
      Scott W. Northup
      Jackson Hole, WYO

  4. Certainly don’t want $ back, but appreciate the updates as we are anxious to see your creation!

  5. I agree with everyone else. I donated so that the story would be told. The DVD will be a great perk, whenever it is released. I am also a Navy veteran and a native Long Islander, so thank you for a great movie that needed to be told.


    Jennifer Howard

    • I would take my money back only to add more too it. Great job on the film
      God bless the SEALS and men like them .

  6. I’m sorry I could only offer the small amount I passed on to you. Can’t wait to see it at the theatre locally. Best of luck for presenting a hero to those that would not have had a chance to learn of his heroic actions.

  7. It wasn’t ever about the perks. I know it will get here when it gets here and if the wait means bigger distribution then I would be surprised if there were any people that donated that would want the money back.

  8. I agree with the sentiments here thus far. Tell the story, my DVD can wait. If you can put your faith and so much of your own personal investments at risk to tell this story, I can forego my DVD for a while, forever, whatever it takes to get the story of Lt. Murphy to folks who need to know about the heroes we have in our military.

  9. No need to apologize or ask if we want a refund. I would gladly send more money to fund this further. You are doing Michael Ana’s his family a great service telling his story. I am very excited to see this arrive in the mail, keep doing what you do.
    -Army vet Nick

  10. As with everybody else, I don’t mind waiting. I’m just glad I could contribute. I saw the movie in theaters the night of the commissioning of the USS Michael Murphy and it, along with the destroyer, will be the most memorable part of my trip to NYC. An absolutely beautiful tribute to Lt. Murphy.

  11. Definitely don’t want a refund. Will gladly wait. I just can’t wait to see the film as it was not available in my area… I have heard a lot of good things about it!

  12. I’m looking forward to seeing this
    Film!!! Thank god for people like you
    Scott Mactavush!

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